Saturday, September 21, 2013


Matt here.

Two or three hours after my post last week, the missionaries knocked on my door. They were new and looking for my roommate, who wasn't home. I thought that when I told them that they would leave, but the senior companion has been out for quite a while and he asked if they could come in and share a message with me. I said yes.

They came in, they sat down, and they wanted to start with a hymn. I chose "Lead Kindly Light," which has (ironically) been my favorite for some years now. We chatted a little, and I felt a bond with the younger one, a writer. At the end, I asked them to read something from the Beatitudes for their spiritual thought. For some reason he only read the first two, which was a shame. I think they're beautifully written, and I love hearing beautiful words read.

It turned out that last week's post was the inoculation I needed, because my belief and my confidence didn't shiver.

It did remind me of the pretty and pleasant parts of Mormonism, though, and I went to the church the next day. It was stake conference and everyone was gone, but I had beautiful walk in the hills and then I sat in a coffee shop and read for a few hours, so I was happy.


I finally finished reading Atlas Shrugged. It was an ugly but powerful book.

"Francisco, what's the most depraved type of human being?"

"The man without a purpose."


  1. They sang a song at the beginning. I never did that as a missionary. Interesting.

  2. It _is_ interesting. I think it's standard practice here--they've done it every time they've come to visit the roommate. I like it, though, I don't get to sing with people very often these days.