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Matt was seventeen when he first considered not marrying a woman. He went to BYU, earned a degree in English, did not serve a mission, and then became an intern. He doesn’t believe in atonement as some magical thing that just happens, but he does believe in change; in 2011 he stopped being an intern and moved to Japan. In 2013 he moved back to the US, where he's currently luxuriating in how big everything is. Five of his six immediate family members are active Mormons. A different five of the same six think he is pretty much the bee's knees. Although he loves being single just now, Matt looks forward to someday having someone to share his awesome family with.

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21 year old student studying sociology and minoring in feminist studies. Depend on me for introspective and activist posts, as well as for a queer voice: an alternative to mainstream gay and lesbian perspectives.

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I'm a 24 year old master's student at the University of Washington in Seattle. Did my undergrad at BYU in psych and Russian. I'm studying social work, but my deepest passion is writing. I hope to work in the world of LGBT issues when I graduate, and eventually want to see my words in print. I love a good story, whether in a book, on tv, at the movies or on a stage. And as a Seattle-ite I think I'm obligated to say that I love coffee, the Huskies, and cloudy days.


I'm an MA at BYU studying postcolonial literature...I've studied abroad in Senegal and England...My favorite color is blue and my favorite food is watermelon...I love being outdoors and hiking, I have to live somewhere surrounded by trees or I get really depressed...I like reading? Ah I hate talking about myself. 

Loving Yourself
Spider Poem
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Intro Post 


 My name is Dupree. I’m 19 and I’ve been a member of the LDS church since I was 16 and this is my second year at BYU. I come from a small town in Oregon called Vernonia. It’s tiny town an hour away from Portland to the East and the coast to the West so it’s perfect in my opinion. My major is Recreation Management and Youth Leadership and a minor in Visual Arts with a possible double minor in Ballroom Dance.

Perspective Via Potties

Bradley Lee

Let’s make this easy. I’m a gay BYU student struggling with Mormonism. I love the Nicklecade (one of my life goals is to set a record at the DDR machine). I love my hair, especially when it’s fluffy (this generally happens whenever I use REAL conditioner. Two in one does count). Everything else, you can read about below.

Worst Valentines Day Ever
Hard to Handle
I Think I Need A New FHE Group


Tif here. I'm lesbian.
I work in the summer as a wildland firefighter. 
I'm a writer. I focus mostly on young adult fiction, but I like to write all kinds of things. 
Look me up on my writing blog my personal blog, or check out my YouTube channel Both Sides Now
Here are some links to my Sunday posts for LGBT Voices (most recent at the top):

And here are links to a few important posts on my personal blog:

What are we afraid of?


                    I am 32, a lesbian, divorced with 3 daughters and newly engaged to my partner. I'm the brunette. My Tiff (she like two ff's) is the curly haired one.

Check out my Posts:


Hello blogger buddies. My name is MJ and I am thrilled to add my voice to this blog. I am a master’s student and full-time pencil pusher for one of America’s largest companies and, in my free time, I repurpose furniture and household items for a new consignment company, read, write, shoot video and photography, sing, play the piano and organ, cook, hike, ski, and daydream about reconciling every aspect of my life. In short, I am a hot mess who tries to have fun while surviving each and every day without getting burned.


Hey all!  I'm Jo.  I like to splash in puddles (especially really big ones), run on mountain trails, go on road trips, climb trees, roll down hills, rollerblade on the parkway, and go for walks most anywhere.  I love getting to know people and spending time with friends, old and new, but I also love quiet nights alone where I get to read or write or do art projects, exploring my inner world.  I enjoy doing things with my hands, which can include anything from chopping vegetables and scrubbing sinks to crocheting and doing handstands.  I love to love people.  I just want to smear love everywhere. One. Person. At. A. Time.


Green mashed potatoes. Need I say more?

Actually, I think I will. So I was told that I needed to come up with a picture and a short bio, and at first I was all “I accept your challenge!” But then I realized I had no idea. How do I represent myself in a short blurb hooked to a thumbnail? In high school the AP English kids were assigned to write This I Believe essays, meant to demonstrate who they were and what they stood for; I was relieved to be in regular old mainstream English because I had no answer. The next year we were asked to draft six-word memoirs, again aimed at showing who we were; I manufactured something superficial that ultimately avoided the issue.

But pictures are easy, right? Worth a thousand words, if you work it right. But then I couldn’t decide what of. This is an LGBT blog—do I do something pertaining to that? I mean, is that my most salient trait? Or something representing something I believe in or am passionate about or that fits with who I am—again, I came up drawing a blank. Bottom line, I’m still figuring things out. I wish I had my own personal manifesto to tack up for you to look at and be able to understand me. But I don’t.


Hi. My name is Ry. Sorta like Rye Bread, but not.
I live in Salt Lake City, Ut where it is fucking freezing.I like to walk down to the duck pond and watch all the geese chase people.  Favorite color is dark red, but I also really like brown. I love to go dancing. I make hella good grilled cheese sandwiches--mmmm. Bread is like my favorite thing to snack on, but I'm gonna be honest and say I'm not really that into rye bread...unless it's homemade, which is my favorite. I'm super excited to break the sunday silence :)

P.S. I've never been snorkeling, but I love hunting for treasure.


Hey there friends and dear readers
Here is a little bit about me. My name is Nathan C. and I am a 21 year old, gay, byu student studying illustration. I hope to one day work in animation as a concept designer and also do children's illustration on the side. Harry potter is basically my life (I have read the entire series a total of 29 times), I am a hufflepuff, I teach charms at Hogwarts, and my patronus is a wolf. I spend my paychecks on books, movies and video games and then realize I have no groceries but hey that's life. If you have any questions or comments then let me know!


Hi there! I'm Bradley and I am Bisexual. I was raised by a devout Mormon family in beautiful southern California.  I first attended BYU Hawaii and have since transferred to BYU Provo where I am working on my undergrad degree in English.  I absolutely love creative writing, and (all in good fun) I am a bit of a hipster music snob.  I play Jazz piano and tap dance. I consider myself Atheist, yet being raised in the Mormon church, I have come to believe in "God" as something of a very beautiful, very elegant metaphor. I came out to my friends and immediate family during Summer of 2010.  I date both girls and guys and do not "prefer" one gender over another.  I see bisexuality not as being "half gay" or "half straight"... Rather, bisexuality to me means being both "fully gay" AND "fully straight" simultaneously. I love who I am, and I am SUPER excited to be contributing to this Blog on Thursdays!


My name is Jack. I'm a 22 year old exmormon transgender man. I spend my days thinking. Philosophy, Mormonism, activism, my family, cooking and literature get me through my days along with my wonderful partner and our two kittens. I grew up Mormon for twenty years, and I hail from the land of Utah county. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with my life, but I do know that I want to enjoy it with the ones I love, and I want to make the world better in the time I have.

Justin graduated from BYU in 2011.  Headed to Virginia for summer school and then Canada in the fall for graduate school.  Started coming out to family and friends as gay in 2004 to varied and evolving reactions.  Served an LDS mission in South Korea from 2006-8.  Raised mainly in Texas and Virginia.  Writes a personal blog (hyperlink: as well.


Hello...I'm Bridey.
I'm a statistics major at the BYU. 
I'm a nerd of many trades including, but not limited to, coin collecting, superhero obbsessions, and playing the Ukulele.
I've lived all over the US, but Oklahoma is where I call home.
I came out to myself durring high school, and slowly but surely have come out to more people along the way.
I grew up Mormon, and still am, and probably always will be.
I'm learning to love life, and ALL of who I am.
I hope you'll join me.


Jeremy is a gay man who believes in being himself.
He is a university student who celebrates humanity and sees the beauty within others.


This is Amber reporting. I’m a bisexual woman that just graduated from college with her BA in Anthropology. I post on Tuesdays. Like Tiff, I’m interested in writing fiction. I’m also an epicure and love researching all sorts of different kinds of storytelling—whether it be film, art, comics, or just the personal stories and gossip that we tell each other.Escapism
In the Name of the Dragon
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