I'm an adult who was raised by my divorced bio Mom who happens to be a lesbian. I'm a happily married hetero woman in her thirties with opinions.
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Daughter of a Lesbian

Jack is a 22 year old transman living in northern Utah with his partner and their two kittens. A former Mormon, Jack spends his days working, writing, and discussing philosophy and politics.
Transgender 101

Tyler is a gay man who grew up as a Southern Baptist. He attended the University of Virginia where he was able to find freedom and be himself.
The Hardest Stage of Coming Out

Elliot is Mormon and he supports gay marriage. Check out his blog
All That I Want 

My name is Nathan and I have the wonderful honor of being a guest contributor on this lovely blog. I am 20 years old, Mormon, and yes I have the honor of being gay. Don't let my wording trip you up. You might be asking yourself, "Did he just call being gay an honor?" and to answer your question I say "Yes. Being gay is an HONOR everyone!"
Being Gay is an Honor