Monday, July 29, 2013

Pictures, and Michelle Tanner, Say a Thousand Words

I had quite the week this week!

Each morning began with watching episodes of "The Hills," no matter who objected to it.

I attempted to increase the distance I run in the mornings. 

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And with vigorous exercise comes vigorous eating…with an emphasis on healthy. 

I begun reading the brilliance that is David Halperin's "How to Be Gay," a book that studies the culture of homosexuality and how this culture is enforced by and learned from one another.

Because something had to keep me occupied once the weekend nights came around, and being away from Santa Barbara, my friends, and parties means I lack a social life.

I bought 4 books about varying sociological issues. While this was an $80 value, I got them all for under $5 at a book sale.
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I even had time to meditate and contemplate the deeper meanings of life.
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I updated my Instagram, but no selfies this week. 
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Of course, many online couples were making sure the Internet knew they were in a great, exciting, and busy relationship with their numerous pictures, check ins, and status updates.

 And at the end of this busy week, I'm getting ready to do it all again next week.

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