Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Holidays Part by E

HAPPY NEW YEARS BLOG-O-SPHERE!! Last week I talked about Christmas and how bitter I tend to get during Christmas time.  Well now it's New Years Eve, one of my favorite holidays and I'm SOOO excited to get to celebrate this holiday!  New Years is the time when quickly-broken resolutions are made, when people say good bye to the old them and hello to the newer-but-still-old them.  It's a time for drinking, eating, dancing and partying, a time of joy and happiness.  This is a great holiday, my own little mid-Winter's celebration!  In one week I will be living 7 hours away from where I am now and I'm hoping to make this last holiday in Small Town, UT, a great one! *lifts drink* here's to you Blog-O-Sphere, all those who read and/or write here in this Breaking the Silence blog, to those who think the are alone and will (hopefully) soon realize that they are not, to those who want to make new decisions and choices, to those who are stronger than they realize.  Here's to you and your wonderful self.  Love it, enjoy it, be it, do what is necessary to live true to you.

Me, I'll be living somewhere new, making new friends and connections and learning new things and it is my hope that I will end 2014 in a better place emotionally, maybe off a few of my meds in a good way ;) It is my hope that I will have a chance with someone who makes my blood sing, someone who makes me feel the way Coffee Shop Guy and High School Crush do.  It is my hope that I will still be my same clothing size.  It is my hope that the world will be a better place and that marriage equality will have taken a majority, if not all, of the states by storm.  It is my hope that suicides and rapes will be down, and happy relationships up.  It is my hope that everyone will live for hope, strive for it and make it their goal to never be hopeless.

To a happy 2014 and a great life! *glug*

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