Thursday, December 2, 2010

It Gets Better

A new movement is sweeping across the internet called the "It Gets Better Project."  Thousands of videos have been uploaded telling gay youth that life is going to get better. Of these thousands of videos, many have been from well known political figures like President Obama or Hillary Clinton. Others have been from celebrities such as Glee's Chris Colfer and popular music artist Ke$ha. Even some billion dollar companies such as Google, Facebook and Pixar have joined in on the movement. The message is clear. Suicide is not the answer; bullying should not be tolerated; and most importantly, life will get better!

Take a few minutes and check out some of these videos. Below is a very powerful video of a city council member from Texas who shares his own experience growing up gay.


  1. Wow. This is what people need to know about.
    What a great blog.

  2. This is great. This will help so many, especially homosexuals in the LDS faith. Very well done.