Thursday, December 2, 2010


Sexual orientation is a very important part of a person's identity. For most people, it is also fixed and unchangeable. Homosexuality is a unique situation in the LDS church. Homosexual activity is not condoned, but the feelings and attractions are not sinful. People who identify as gay or lesbian can (and do) worthily hold callings, attend the temple, and otherwise participate in church activities. However, many face homophobic comments and bullying. This behavior is emotionally and psychologically harmful; for some people who are already struggling, it can be unbearable.

The purpose of this blog is to help educate the general LDS population, particularly those at BYU, about same-gender attraction and the struggles faced by faithful members of the church who identify as gay or lesbian. We hope we can encourage people who don't experience these struggles to support our brothers and sisters who do -- both those in the church and those not of our faith. We can all start by doing little things: not making homophobic or other derogatory remarks and influencing others to do the same. We can also promote discussions about sexual orientation in the LDS church, in order to destigmatize same-gender attraction and provide resources and support to people in need.

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  1. A worthy cause. I hope it spreads like wildfire.