Thursday, December 2, 2010

That's So Gay

I'm sure we've all heard it. Perhaps we're even guilty of saying it. But do we really know what we are saying when we use the phrase "that's so gay!"

Wanda Sykes said it best, "Knock it off!" It may seem harmless, but we never know who it might hurt. Join thousands of others at by pledging to quit using the phrase "that's so gay"and eliminating it from your vocabulary.

Check out two more PSA clips here.


  1. That's so AWESOME!

    Also, I'm wondering how that campaign for decreasing the "that's so gay" phrase is going...anyone have anything to say about that part of the project?

  2. We put posters up with a message about refraining from using that phrase and we think it's going pretty well. We watched people and talked to them afterwards and, though most believed it was controversial and could upset or even offend some people, it will most likely open them up to understanding how offensive using the phrase "That's so gay" can be and may decide on their own to avoid using it. Our main message was to remind everyone that, as the Lord taught, we should love one another. Christ never used that kind of language. He never used any kind of foul language that would harm another person so why should we if we obey Him and try to be like Him.