Sunday, October 16, 2011

Who even reads this stuff? + Breaking the Silence #3

Okay, so this week we're all writing about why we write on this blog.
As some of you may know, I did NOT create this blog. Weird notion eh?

This is what happened: I took a sociology class during Fall 2010 at BYU. We had a MAJOR assignment to do some sort of project dealing with gender issues (it was sociology of gender roles). A large group of us decided to tackle LGBT issues. We all decided to split up into smaller groups and work on more directed projects. I worked with another fellow and our project was to organize a discussion panel. We called it Understanding Same-Gender Attraction and held it in a city hall in Alpine, Utah. Another group made little fliers about not using phrases like "That's So Gay" or "You're such a Girl!". Someone made pamphlets and handed them out off-campus. And another group made a blog. It was originally called Understanding Same-Gender Attraction, but I changed it...I can't remember why. Because I didn't like the sound of it. But, I took over the blog because I wanted to keep it going and the people who started it didn't care about it beyond the class assignment.

Why do I write on the blog? I don't know. Because I hope that someone will read it and understand first, I'm a regular person trying to share my life with everyone just like all those other weird bloggers out there. Second, being lesbian can be HARD, however, it can also be really AWESOME. Third, I want people to find some sense of connection here if not comfort or knowledge. I recognize that it's a hard thing to feel attracted to members of the same sex in this society. We have all kinds of expectations for ourselves and others and it's really hard when we don't fit those expectations. My target audience was originally the straight folks who just don't get it. I'm not sure if there are even any straight folks who read this blog. I'm not sure who reads the blog at all....if anyone does. (HEY MAYBE YOU SHOULD COMMENT SOMETIMES IF YOU READ THE BLOG!) But that doesn't matter, because the point in me blogging is to, if nothing else, feel like I'm doing some sort of good in the world. I'm trying to cultivate understanding. I'm trying to raise awareness.

Now, as for the other things that I do with my spare time.... I told you about my class project. Well, I organized a second discussion panel and called it Breaking the Silence: Understanding Same Gender Attraction. And, now I'm finally getting around to holding ANOTHER panel.

Breaking the Silence: Understanding Same-Gender Attraction
Thursday October 27th 2011
6:30 pm.
Provo Library Rm 201
550 North University Ave
Provo, Utah

~live your own truth~


  1. I've been reading this blog for awhile now. Sorry I don't comment...

    I actually feel that things like this blog and all the other gay Mormon blogs are pretty sacred. They tell the stories and struggles of a wide range of people and I think there is power in the collective voice of them all.

    As you said I think that writing such things breaks down stereotypes, provides support to many who feel alone, and if nothing else creates a community. I have met so many incredible people through blogging about these issues. We gain something from listening to each other even when we do not totally agree on all points.

  2. I read too, and I also happen to be straight, so you don't need to worry on either of those counts. I appreciate this blog, and like Sulli said, I think it's amazing that I can read the experiences of many of my sisters and brothers who feel and go through things that would otherwise feel so "other" to me. You (and the many other members of the moho blogging world) are doing great and important work.

  3. Thank you Sulli, and Austin. :) I really appreciate it.

    And Merinmel ::erinhug::