Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I think I'm pan.... by E

On the Kinsey Scale of Sexuality a 0 is 100%, no-questions-asked hetero and a 6 is 100%, no-questions-asked homo while everything else in between is considered bi.  But what Kinsey didn't know, or didn't take into account, is that nothing is ever that cut and dry, even into three different slices.

There is an arrangement of letters that represents all non-hetero persons: LGBTQQIP2SA.  This means: lesbian, gay, bi, trans, questioning, queer, intersex, pansex, two spirited, and asex.  There are lots of things that Kinsey.

Because I like girls AND boys, but identify as a girl, I have been bouncing back and forth between the B and the P; am I bisexual or am I pansexual.  I've asked my other non-hetero friends what they think about both of those words and this is what I've got: bi is liking a boy or a girl; pan is like people, regardless of gender.  Well I think I just answered my own question (yea me!) in a post on Facebook about how much I hate trying to explain to people that I like girls and boys:
"I just wanna grump about something: explaining to people that I like girls AND boys.  My sister makes "you keep switching teams" quibs and my brother's go to line is, "I'm confused, are you a lesbian or not?" And I want to yell at him, "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I FEEL?!!!" and then slam a door in his face.  Why is it so hard to explain to people that I'm not a 0 or a 6, that I'm somewhere in the middle?! I get so annoyed with it!! I like people, I like sex, I like connecting with someone, why does the gender matter?! gah!!"
That last line: "I like people, I like sex, I like connecting with someone, why does gender matter?!" answered my own question about me.  I like people regaurdless of gender. I am attracted to people because of their individual traits.  I like boys and girls for different reasons and I like different people for different reasons.

To quote Pink: I'm not a slut, I just love love

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  1. Your line,"I like people, I like sex, I like connecting with someone, why does gender matter?!", says what I have felt about my sexuality. Personally, I hate all the labels that are floating around out there. They can be destructive and confusing. I would say forget the labels.