Monday, April 29, 2013

Age, in Boy Scouts and in Love

Seeing as how my brain is preoccupied with a 10 page paper at the moment (on the topic of an analysis of a social network, which I know nothing about), I have two small in size, but big in significance, contributions to make up a meager post this week:

1. “Progress” at the expense of others is not true progress. The progress that I aspire towards seeks to leave no one behind in social movements, while addressing systematic and institutionalized inequalities. I’ve spoken about how the first female prayer at last General Conference overshadowed harmful addresses like the tolerance trap that discriminated against LGBT members. Many argue that such addresses don’t explicitly mention that’s what it’s about, but I don’t have to explicitly state my eyes are blue to get the point across…

This week, I applied my conception of progress to the Boy Scout of America’s announcement of a shift in policy. Whereas the organization previously debated about the inclusion of gay members, BSA has sought to lift the ban on gay youth, but continue it for gay leaders. This decision does nothing to eliminate the homophobia, discrimination, and the hierarchy/privilege allotted to heterosexual men in the organization. These issues remain with the continued exclusion of gay leaders, not to mention the men that are left behind as people continue to focus exclusively on one demographic (in this case, young boys) and hail this as “progress.” The cause and narrative of adult gay men gets lost, and the social movement we’re in suffers fractures.

2. This song. Has been on repeat. I may or may not have cried listening to it. And I can’t wait for The Great Gatsby to come out. 


  1. I see it as a poor first step. I am not sure why someone would want to be an Eagle knowing that the day they turn 18 they are no longer welcomed in Scouting.