Monday, April 22, 2013

I Didn't Ask for Morals With My Dish

I had a wonderful time visiting home this weekend. I was constantly on the go, with the exception of Friday night. As a college student residing in a college town, I'm always able to find something to do on a Friday, whether or not I want to or am trying to. So when I found myself home alone on a Friday night, with no plans and no one to hang out with, I did what any stereotype-abiding gay man would do:

I went on Grindr.

Now, the extent of my Grindr usage since it's release in 2009 is, to date, 8 days. 7 of those are when I first got my iPhone and decided to give the app a try in Santa Barbara, only to delete it a week later for my large dissatisfaction with it. But I was home. I was bored. I made a profile and let the good times roll.

I went in with a good attitude, a positive state of mind, and confidence. The only expectations I had were to have a good time and be safe. And as the chats rolled in and the ping sound became music to my ears (anyone with a Grindr knows what I'm talking about), I was disappointed at the discovery I made:

These boys wanted to talk and get to know me. They had standards.

Umm, I'm sorry. I thought I had downloaded one of the most popular hookup apps, not chit-chat-and-be-lifelong-friends app. My 7 previous days on Grindr taught me these boys are ready to go the minute you log on.

Does location make a difference? Is the clientele seeking something different, so much so that activity turns from casual to serious?

I guess a good lesson came from my bored, weekend night at home: to never assume, and that there are guys out there who aren't seeking to instantly bang. Not what I was expecting, but I'll take it.

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  1. What fun! I've wanted to try Grindr for ages, but I don't have a smartphone. I wouldn't have thought the users would vary so much, but it's good to know they do.