Sunday, April 14, 2013


I'm sorry I forgot to post last week! I was in St. George, having a fun time with my (extended but real) family. I probably should have been working on homework, just like I should have been working on homework today instead of watching Anchorman and Quest for Camelot, but sometimes you just need a break. Or several breaks. In the words of Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec that have frequently caused me to postpone homework until a later moment:

Or, if the eerie over the modern comic is more your style, you can remember Cooper in Twin Peaks saying, "Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Could be a new shirt at the men's store, a catnap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot black coffee."

Cooper with his hot black coffee.

I'm sure I've already posted about treating yourself on this blog. I've probably used this exact same title before. My apologies. But all I'm saying is, if you read or write for this blog, chances are, you're under a lot of stress. Also, if you're currently in school, you're under a lot of stress. Also, if you're a human being, you're under a lot of stress. If you're straight, you are under a lot of stress, and if you're lgbtq, you're often under a specific type of stress in addition to other life stresses, especially if you go to BYU or somewhere like unto it. Things can get rough. So, even though we all have responsibilities to fulfill and completing goals can make us feel accomplished and taking our finals is good in the long run and school can sometimes count as eustress and blah blah blah, remember to take time to 

perhaps to some delicious cupcakes. And also coffee.

In other news, re the bisexual in your life, remember that the way media portrays bisexuality is incredibly problematic. Obviously the way the media portrays all members of the lgbtq community is problematic, but since I identify as bisexual, I wanted to take a second and talk about not objectifying bisexuals. The media (and some terrible straight men) often take the approach of "oh, so you're bisexual? so you like want to have sex with everyone all the time always and/or participate in some hot threesomes with me????? wow you like ladies AND dudes that's sooooooo hottttttt!!!!!!

bisexuals <3333 threesomes wow so hot this is me all the time
...just kidding

I assume that no one reading or writing this blog does not have this perspective; all of you are smart people. I just want to rant about how I'm often scared of defining myself as bisexual on facebook or tumblr or wherever because so many people instantly fetishize you. And, again, this isn't just bisexuals--it happens to gays and lesbians and transvestites and, really, anyone who identifies as queer. But I think it's important to address this particular issue, and, of course, it applies to me personally.

That didn't really have anything to do to treating yourself...except for treating myself to a brief rant, I guess. Since Sundays are often rough anyways, it's nice to come here and rant about whatever I feel like, too, so I guess blogging here counts as treating myself today when I really should be working on any of my three papers that are due this week. Oh well. I consider myself treated. Also treated by Anchorman, which is a pure delight.

just looking at this picture is a treat.

Anyway, even if you are under severe stress and have deadlines and work and school, take time to treat yourself! I plan on reading the second Gregor the Overlander book this week to treat myself in between paper writing. Last week it was chilling at the Provo library for an hour just looking at books. Today it was watching Anchorman and treating myself to Mormon feminist blogs. Friday it was a long lunch with one of my best friends. Tomorrow it might be doing some relaxing yoga before work or catching up on one episode of tv, like Hannibal or Doctor Who. Anyway, remember that you are a) awesome b) don't need to be confined to media stereotypes c) should treat yourself! 

And always treat yourself to poetry when you're feeling sad.

The Journey 
Mary Oliver

One day you finally knew 
what you had to do, and began, 
though the voices around you 
kept shouting 
their bad advice—
though the whole house 
began to tremble 
and you felt the old tug 
at your ankles. 
"Mend my life!" 
each voice cried. 
But you didn't stop. 
You knew what you had to do, 
though the wind pried 
with its stiff fingers 
at the very foundations, 
though their melancholy 
was terrible. 
It was already late 
enough, and a wild night, 
and the road full of fallen 
branches and stones. 
But little by little, 
as you left their voices behind, 
the stars began to burn 
through the sheets of clouds, 
and there was a new voice 
which you slowly 
recognized as your own, 
that kept you company 
as you strode deeper and deeper 
into the world 
determined to do 
the only thing you could do—
determined to save
the only life you could save.

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  1. Let me tell you about the weekend I just had: treated myself to multiple nice meals out and shopping/some new clothes. Totally feel what this post is saying, especially the popular image/fetishizing of bisexuals.