Monday, August 22, 2011

Nearby Support?

Dearest anyone who is reading this,

My mom is awesome. She has since proved to me her awesomeness by being way more accepting than I ever thought she would since I came out. She's read most of the books she can find both on homosexuality by itself and within the church (including Brent's and Brad's). While I've been visiting home before school starts up again we've talked about it on several occasions. She's become way more aware of how other people treat the idea of homosexuality now, but also the double standard for people who don't think it's the best thing since sliced bread. (Everyone at work gives her grief and says she just hates gays because she's Mormon. She wants to yell "my daughter's lesbian for crying out loud", but she respects my privacy).

Anyway, she's asked me about support groups nearby that she could go to or join. I don't really know that much about them (except USGA), but I know there are people out there (you guys) who do. Preferably one that will treat our religion with respect as well, and might understand better where she's coming from. Her main concern is to learn all she can and be able to support me, not politics or bitterness towards the church. PLEASE leave your suggestions in the comments below for any support groups, or other resources (like books and stuff), that might help her out. (PS, we live in the middle of Oklahoma if that makes a difference).

Thank you muchly....

~Bridey J


  1. There's a PFLAG chapter in Norman -- I just looked it up:

    It meets at a church (Methodist), so I'm guessing they'll be respectful of religion :-)

  2. Brent beat me to it: it sounds like PFLAG might be a good fit.

  3. National PFLAG. You can do a search for your local chapter. Looks like there are 3 in Oklahoma. One in Norman, Tulsa and Oklahoma City