Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vegetarian, not to be confused with Vagitarian...

Last summer I had a lot of people ask me if I was vegetarian.
I thought this was rather odd because I didn't consider myself vegetarian at all.
In fact I still don't.
I eat vegetables.
Is that weird?
Do I eat more vegetables than normal?

I confess, I don't really like meat all that much.
It's good. Sometimes. Depending on how it's cooked.
I love meatloaf. The good kind.

But, for the most part.
I really love to put spinach in my smoothies.

And I like to eat sprout-tomato-yellow pepper-grape sandwiches.

Okay, so maybe I am a crazy person.
But, I'm not a vegetarian.
As much as I love to label things, I can't put a label on myself when it comes to the food I consume.
I hate to limit myself. I like to be flexible.
I think that food is such a weird thing for me and it changes all the time.
I eat what I eat according to my circumstances.
When I'm buying my food and preparing it, I tend to eat stuff that looks like the above pictures.
Otherwise, I eat whatever is free.

Now, as far as "vagitarian" goes...that might be a label I'm okay with wearing.
I mean, come on! I'm LESBIAN.
There are some labels you just can't escape. :)

~live your own truth~

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  1. :) I LOVE spinach in my smoothies. This is a fun post--thanks for sharing. Vagitarian--maybe it'll stick? This time, I won't have what she's having.