Friday, December 28, 2012

Friendship Is Invaluable

A few weeks ago I got my feelings hurt. I had every intent to never talk to the culprit again, heck I even deleted him from my FB. While whining to my mother she simply said to me “friendship is invaluable”, commenting on her relationship with my “uncle” Steve. Her and Steve had been friends for as long as I can remember and now they talk every single day and have helped each other through so much. So I got over it because my mother was right; friendship is invaluable.
But when I came to college I hadn’t really planned on making friends. I figured I would stick with Satan and maybe find myself a husband. Who would have thought that Satan would ditch me and I would maybe end up wanting a wife? And I never thought I could make friends outside of high school where we are shoved together for 8 hours a day but surprisingly I HAVE A BEST FRIEND! (Granted, I noticed that my three closest friends are from where I worked so maybe I DO have to be shoved into an environment for long periods of time to make friends.)
The point: I have a best friend. She’s fantastic. I remember when I first met her. Lee was actually the one to make our introductions, simply saying “That’s Dupree, the anti-social one” and pointing to me lounging in the hammock. I checked her out, thought she was too goody, and moved on. Later I discovered that I was starting to like her more and more and then one day, while Lee and I were discussing our posts for the week, she piped up that she read the blog. After that it was a fast friendship of listening to music in the shower, yelling each other’s names when we entered the kitchen, and talking about boys and watching the stars and having ice cream picnics on top of Rici. Somewhere in the midst of summer work, I made a best friend.
She asked me in the fall what happened to the friendships we made at work. I told her that if people put in the effort then they were true friendships. After that I promised to put in effort and it’s definitely paid off.
Anyways we’ve heard a lot about R and how much I love her. But this Christmas she completely out did herself.
After not being able to see one another for what seemed like forever we finally got to have a sleepover tonight (like seriously I am writing this post with her right next to me as she peruses the internet). But with this I got my Christmas present, she got hers, we made a bunch of food, and watched Pitch Perfect and Perks of Being A Wallflower. For my present she created a Sadness Emergency Kit complete with Nutella, Chocolate Cake, two books that look awesome, a stuffed dog (it’s the cutest), and the greatest mixed CD ever (which is hilarious considering my gift to her was a mixed CD).
The CD was seriously the highlight. There were quotes that gave hints to the songs and it was awesome to go through the whole CD trying to figure out the artists. It started off with Lover’s Eyes and I seriously freaked out (I mean how did she know that that was my favorite song of the week?) It was all spectacular.
I guess the point is that my mother was right, friendships are invaluable. Around this time of the year I always feel completely alone but then I have my friends that just randomly are like hey I love you. And yea… it’s great. I’m sure I could more eloquently express my appreciation for her when it wasn’t 1230 and she wasn’t sitting right next to me and we weren’t getting ready to start another movie before maybe finally crashing.

Love to you all!

And I hope you had a more than miserable Christmas and have plans for an exciting New Years.


  1. I introduced you two? Haha. Why have I not heard this story? Anyways, I thought you were talking about E at first, so I was confused. But I really liked this post. A lot. And continue being a real, beautiful person!

  2. I hate to break it to you but I'm pretty sure I met E before I met you... but only by like a month :P And thanks