Monday, March 17, 2014

Office Talk

"Sexual Harassment suits only happen in places where you have men and women working together."

Oh my God, I did not just hear that.

"See, in an office of all women I can go up and motor boat you and you wouldn't even care."

"She may even like it."


"But she wouldn't care because she knows it doesn't mean anything."

More laughing and joking about office parties and "Do you remember the time."

"See, that would never fly with a bunch of men around because you never know who is perv-ing over it."

That's it, I can't' take it anymore.

"You do realize that that's a very hetero-normative point of view, right?"

Silence for a beat.

"Um... yeah."

More silence.

"They just cause trouble anyway."


"The gays."

You're fucking kidding me.

"Thank you. I really appreciate that assessment."


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