Monday, May 30, 2011

Be You

This weekend I took a trip with some friends down to St. George, UT. At one point in the trip we went swimming and one of my guy friends decided to wear a speedo instead of his trunks. We playfully made fun of him and laughed, and tried to talk him in to showing off his new found confidence to some nearby girls. By the end of the night I saw a new side to my friends (and I don't just mean the part of his legs that are usually covered by pants). Even in a situation that could have been weird he was very comfortable with himself. He took our teasing with good humor and even made fun of himself a bit. It has always been fun to be around him because he is very comfortable with himself and makes it easy to be yourself too. At the end of the night as we were leaving he said that someone has mentioned to him before that if he continues being weird and silly he's not gonna get a girlfriend (paraphrased). But then he said "You know what, if she doesn't like all my silliness then she's not the right girl for me."

He's right. It's a philosophy that I've tried to establish in my own life, time and time again, of just being myself and not caring what others thought. It starts with loving who you are (something I confess I'm still working on). Then finding people who also love who you are, and would never ask you to be something different. Those are the people who will be worth keeping in your life. And being able to be yourself is worth waiting to find those people.


  1. Great post :)
    That's a great way to think about life.

  2. It reminded me of this story, in a way.