Friday, May 27, 2011

Mormon and the upcoming conference

Hi blog friends, Justin here.  I know, I know ... TWO posts in ONE day is too much.  But I've been sitting with these for a week!  I actually meant to send one to Tiffany last Thursday to post for me, but, lo and behold!, I accidentally sent it to the wrong person.  Love accidental come-outs ...

Has everyone heard of  I think it’s a great resource for Latter-day Saints, especially those who, perhaps like ourselves, feel as if we don’t fit what we perceive to be the LDS “mold.”

(Granted, this mold is, I believe, almost entirely self-created.  Certainly, Heavenly Father does not intend for us all to be the same.  I feel like he delights in diversity of many kinds.  Heck, maybe he’s black, as Macaulay Culkin’s character suggested on Saved!.)

The site’s subtitle, a sort of mission statement, reads: “Exploring, celebrating, and challenging Mormon culture through stories.”

“Stories” is an understatement.  These aren’t mini-biographies of random LDS people telling us about their difficulty, but final reconciliation, with the LDS church.  Instead, they are in-depth, often hours-long interviews with some of our finest thinkers, including Richard and Claudia Bushman, Ed Kimball, Carol Lynn Pearson, Morris Thurston, our very own Bill Bradshaw, and others.

(One part of Carol Lynn Pearson’s interview)

Remember when fellow BYU student Cary Crall wrote that editorial to the Daily Universe about Proposition 8 that was published and later pulled?  Afterwards, Dehlin interviewed Cary and a few others about that event, Proposition 8, and related topics.

Last November I sent my parents a link to Professor Bradshaw’s interview, which they watched with some interest.

Mormon Stories is advertising a conference in Salt Lake City next month—from June 10-12, 2011.  If there’s still room, I’m thinking about going on Friday evening for the dinner and/or Saturday for the service project and afternoon session/discussion.  (I’m flying out to Virginia Saturday night.)  If you’re interested in going, leave a comment!  There’s even a student discount—see the site for details.

Glad to meet you on this blog. J  Big thanks to Tiffany for setting it up.

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