Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hey all! This is Bradley and for my Thursday post this week, I’ve decided to share a prose poem I wrote about my first boyfriend. I originally composed it for a creative writing class. I hope you like it:


My fascination with dyed hair began with Clint.

Hypnotic black with traces of metallic green the color of a beetle shell,

His rude outfit included scuffed converse, jeans, and a tight purple t-shirt:

It had an upside-down tree splashed across the front.

He had one ear bud in at all times, and smelled nicely of cinnamon.

I remember the night we met:

Everything and everyone smelled distinctly of chlorine from the pool outside.

About 30 people were swimming in their underwear.

All kinds of junk food littered countertops and floors.

With a “Clint, Bradley… Bradley, Clint”, we locked eyes, laughed, and he took my hand.

We sat in the crater of the gumball-green beanbag where we compared music tastes

We sampled music by sharing a pair of headphones.

As we got closer, the divot in the beanbag got deeper.

My head lay against his shoulder above a spaghetti tangle of limbs.

Clint leaned in closer and kissed me softly.

I felt a huge wall crumbling around me. There it was.

Something inside of me melted and I felt warm sticky goop wash over my soul.

Again he kissed me, and I felt suspended in midair.

An invisible puppeteer had lifted me by the spine.

As we kissed, I think I blew a fuse somewhere inside me.

He had pierced my armor and tickled my soul.

I was utterly spellbound by that choppy green hair the color of a beetle shell.


  1. Ohhh, I want to meet the boy with beetle hair! I like this poem, Bradley. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice. I love it. the color of a beetle shell is my favorite part.

  3. Beautiful. The line 'choppy green hair the color of a beetle shell' is fantastic for both texture and color. It seems that wall, a shell around your heart broke into pieces...