Thursday, June 9, 2011

Be Alive!

Bradley here, and I decided to share a simple piece I wrote today. I was feeling impulsive and whatnot, and felt like expressing what has been on my mind. Enjoy!

Be Alive!

Small talk. Classes. Dates.
Look past the useless chatter.
Groups of girls giggle about trifles.
Dudes grunt and ramble incoherently about sports or whatever.
They say eskimos had a hundred words for snow. Well, I feel like today's internet generation will have a hundred words for "Awkward."
Heaven forbid they let a silent pause go by without filling it in. Usually with something menial.
Let the pauses rattle on.
Introversion is not a crime.
Be blunt. Sarcastic if you have to.
Who the hell cares what you think. If you believe it, stand up for it and defend it.
It' okay to reveal yourself emotionally.
It's totally okay to disagree completely.
It's okay to stand for what you believe.
Don’t sit passively and let the river wash past you.
Get up and go somewhere. For you. Let yourself be alone every once in a while, and for pete’s sake, ENJOY it.
If you don't enjoy your own company, how can you expect anyone else to?

Too few people are ever satisfied: when we’re busy we say we want peace and quiet. When we have plenty of free time, we complain we’re bored.
If you have something to say, say it. Don’t wait for someone else to miraculously pick up on it. Throw yourself out there!
Be wrong sometimes. It won’t kill you.
Decide to look past the mundane and have an awesome day - For no reason at all. Have an awesome day because you decided to. Enjoy yourself, no matter what your routine says.

Be impulsive.
Run to school. Walk backwards to class. Skip like a little kid again. Give someone you love a hug. Give someone you just met a hug too. Let that stranger in. Who the hell cares what you look like, Who cares who you love? Nobody.

Slide down railings. Push all the elevator buttons. Write inspirational notes and hide them under a stack of napkins in the food court. Someone’s bound to find them and have their life changed.
It’s amazing just how little it takes to make someone’s day. Be that person who changes their life for the better.

Do something for someone that they’ll be telling their kids about someday.

If you feel like randomly sitting in the middle of a hallway, do it. Sit on a busy curb and wave at people.
Learn to play ukulele and give street performing a try. In random places.
Buy a huge package of something funny at the supermarket: like a 50 pack of slinkys. Just for the hell of it.
Get a bottle of sparkling cider and drink it straight from the bottle.
Make a musical instrument out of rubber bands PVC pipe, and spoons.
Carry an umbrella in the middle of summer.
Dress in a tuxedo for no reason at all.
Carry sidewalk chalk in your back pocket.
Place out of order signs on random objects. On chairs, doors, light-poles, friends, whatever.
Sleep on the floor for a night just to remember what it feels like.
Pick a random book off the library shelf and read it.
Leave a treasure hunt of clues hidden in books for someone to find later.
Turn the pay-phone upside down in its cradle as you walk past.
Take a bath with bubbles.
Run in the sprinklers fully clothed.
Build a pillow fort in your living room.

Above all, be alive. Truly ALIVE.. it doesn’t take much if you know how to do it.

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  1. I LOVE it!
    Be ALIVE!!!
    You've definitely inspired me for today :) thank you.