Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some recommendations (two books-n-uh-movie … n-uh-TV mini-series)

No More Goodbyes

Have you read this book yet?  Carol Lynn Pearson wrote it.  I think she’s one of the most important advocates for gay and lesbian people in the LDS church.

I brought it home once for my parents to read—along with her other book, Goodbye, I Love You.  (In Goodbye, I Love You, Pearson writes about her experience marrying a homosexual man.)

Goodbye, I Love You

(See above.)

The Kids are All Right

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Just saw this one tonight.  It’s R, so if you don’t do that sort of thing, you won’t like it.  It’s about a lesbian couple working through marriage issues while their two children, aged 18 and 15, meet their shared biological father—a sperm donor (played by Mark Ruffalo).  Julianne Moore is in it, and she’s great.  So pretty.

Angels in America

An HBO-produced rendition of the award-winning play by Harold Kushner.  The play itself is worth reading at least once.  Includes a mixed-orientation marriage, gay Mormons, gay Jews, gay Republicans, the AIDS virus, prophets, angels, God, a missing God, the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg, and … well, you’ll just have to see it.  Be prepared, though—it’s like over 300 minutes long.


  1. Loved Angels in America, hated The Kids Are All Right. I just couldn't get over the adultry. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed other shows that deal with the difficult topic (Brothers & Sisters being a prominent example) but the cheating didn't seem to fit into their relationship, and it just seemed strange, awkward, revolting, and wrong on so many different levels. I was so upset I almost pulled the plug on the entire film.

  2. Yeah, the adultery business in TKAAR bugged me too, but Julianne Moore... is hot. Not that I'm shallow or anything...

  3. :) Maybe you're right--maybe it wasn't the best idea for adultery to be the token marital conflict in the movie. But I actually thought that part was an interesting twist. I don't see too much of a difference between that and Louis's cheating on Prior in Angels, or Joe's cheating on Harper. Hmm -- an interesting thought. I'm glad you both shared your opinion on it.

    And ML, not that I'm shallow or anything, but Mark Ruffalo ... is also hot. ;)

  4. I hated The Kids Are Alright. I want movies that are uplifting and show some kind of family values, especially if it's got a title like that! The movie definitely needed more focus on the kids and could handle cutting out EVERY sex scene. Overall, it needed more character development. I didn't care for the redhead at all, and I usually like readheads...