Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don't Say Gay

Have you guys heard about the "Don't Say Gay" Bill?
Because it's not about being careful about offending people in the LGBT community. It has nothing to do with those awesome Think Before You Speak videos encouraging people to quit saying "that's so gay" when they really mean "that's so stupid/unfair/obnoxious/ridiculous/etc"

No, this bill is about keeping teachers from saying the word gay in school. Or from students speaking about their gay fathers or their lesbian mothers.

"The Tennessee Senate passed a bill on Friday that would bar teachers from discussing homosexuality with elementary and middle school students."

While this may be a tough subject for people who have values against homosexuality, the fact is there are gay families in the world. I think that if elementary and middle school age children can learn about the changes about to take place in their bodies, then they ought to be able to discuss homosexuality as well. The truth is that "gayness" will always be part of our lives whether we are straight, gay, bisexual, or whatever. There are people around us who are gay, and they need information on their bodies, on relationships, and on their lives. Aside from the whole adolescence/puberty thing, what about families?

When I was in middle school I learned about different types of families. There was traditional or nuclear families with the mother, father and children. Then there was the single-parent family in which either a mother or a father raised children alone. There was also something like the extended family in which children are raised by an aunt, uncle, or grandparents. It makes sense to include (possibly under nuclear family) those in which there are two same-gender parents.

Anyway, Don't Say Gay. Or, do. Watch this video.

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  1. After living in Memphis for six years, I'm really not surprised at all.