Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dreams - Part One

I have never met anyone in my life that can dream as vividly as I can.

I hope to change that, one day. I wish to find someone else that can feel the grass under their feet as they walk, to smell the roasting vegetables in a big iron pot over a fire, and to feel stretches of vines splayed across the fingers. I would love to find someone whose imagination flows into their senses as they dream to where they live full and beautiful lives. If only such imagination could be shared with others, between others! The places I would create, and the wonders I would bring together for all to see...

I once dreamed an entire lifetime to myself one night, and that dream affects me deeply to this day. It reminded me of the beauty and the tragedy of life, while telling me that sacrifice for the right thing was worth more than the entire world put together. To this day, that perspective still lives on in me.

While I must make this post short for now, another is coming. I thank the readers for their patience. I also will make another post for this week, and it'll be posted up by tomorrow morning.


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