Friday, September 16, 2011

I Have a Dream

Hi friends,

I missed you!  Seriously, I do miss some of you (for reals).

P.S.  There's a world out there.  (Boy £5 said that.  And there's a pound sign instead of a number sign because I'm using this weird Euro keyboard and it's IMPOSSIBLE.  Imagine the number sign instead.)  [Ok, back to yours truly.]

I'm re-posting.  I know, a total blog sin, but sometimes you gotta sin.  (You actually don't.  It just sounded good in writing.  For questions about this, Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage.)

See the original here.  Oh, and I'm cutting it a bit.

"For the Gays

I have a dream that society will transcend the excitement, fear, and stigma associated with this fact of our lives, as clear to us as the color of our skin.  I have a dream that we will know how to help that happen, and that we will contribute to that change.

I dream of a society where we do not fear losing the love we feel from our parents, our friendships with our roommates, and our hope in the future when we come out and confront this fact of our lives, however it is we decide to live.

I dream of the day when we who experience same-gender attractions can talk of our urges comfortably with our roommates, brothers and sisters, and cousins, and nothing will change in the relationship.

I dream of the day when every time a boy (or girl), 16, 36, or 56, talks of his urges with his father and mother, they can cry, hug, smile, and the boy feels safe.  I actually dream of the day when this happens in Mormondom, regardless of the boy intends to deal, because at least he is alive, happy, and changing the world.

I see people talking, and I love it.  I see people like Mrs. Shepherd and Ellen Degeneres working to pass hate-crime laws, and I love it.  It is right, and it is good.  This is why I believe talking about our experiences is making the world a safer place.

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