Sunday, September 11, 2011

I have Dreams....

Yo. Theme this week is DREAMS.

The other night I had a dream that I met Tegan (from Tegan and Sara) and we became best friends and she let me tag along to all her little signings and such.

It is my real life dream to one day become best friends with Tegan (and SARA--because I have a huge crush on Sara). And sometimes I"m disappointed when I wake up from my awesome dreams of being best friends with Tegan only to find that I indeed have never actually met her. Although I have been to couple of Tegan and Sara concerts...that counts for something I'm sure.

I'm supposed to share what my greatest dream is. But I don't know what that is. I think it's already been fulfilled. To a point at least.

My ultimate goal in life is to find love.

Okay, now you're wondering what I mean. You want to know who my lover is, don't you. Who I'm head-over-heals for. Well, don't we all? :)

I had a very wonderful personal revelation while I was sitting in sacrament meeting with my mother. It's a little complicated (and by that I mean I'm just being lazy about typing words) for me to explain. So, I'll just tell you that I'm in love with myself.

I think I'm the greatest thing ever. The most lovely soul. The beautifulest life.

So, I think if I were to project any sort of dream out there onto the life-checklist before me, I would say that my dream is for other people whom I love to find some sort of belief or love that allows them to feel as wonderful as I have felt lately. My dream is to cultivate an entire community based on understanding and love. A connected love where we all feel like the one that we are.

Now, I can't talk about dreams without mentioning what I'm doing to try to fulfill my dreams. Because I don't believe in dreaming (except when I sleep) without doing something about achieving my dreams.

I like to organize discussion panels. Because I believe in cultivating understanding (am I repeating myself here?) Breaking the Silence is what I've chosen to call my efforts. I've done two panels on understanding same gender attraction. I'm planning another one soon (but I need to get going on it--eeek!). And then I want to do more on other various topic such as self-harm, sexual abuse, physical abuse, rape (we'll see if I can actually find people willing to talk about this one!), and whatever else I can think of that we need to talk about but don't talk about because we're idiots.

If you or someone you know would like to participate in any discussion panel (addressing the topics above or any others that you think are awesome) then please let me know. Contact me in a comment on here. or send me an email at

What are your dreams? And how can I help them come true?


  1. Being a rape victim, I'd be willing to talk about this.

  2. Tiffany! I love this post. You're seriously awesome and I'm so lucky to know you. I would love to help out with the self-harm, sexual abuse, and rape panels. Seriously. Plus, we should hang out because I haven't seen you in forever!!!!