Sunday, January 1, 2012


So, I don't have much time for a post.
The past few weeks have been long and very stressful and just exhausting.
Also, I'm on my period so I'm not just worn out. I'm also bleeding.

So, today Jo and I went on an adventure during which I used a public restroom. She waited outside the stall for me while I sang my little song on the toilet and then said, "There goes another baby. Goodbye, baby!" I flushed the toilet.

Jo had a good laugh about that as she imagined someone else listening in on my little conversation with my bloody clumps of uterine lining.

It's tough shit giving birth to a bloody baby every single month.

Here's a trivia question: How long would a woman have to live in order to discharge ALL of her eggs via menstruation?

(here's a hint: I have no clue. so, if you know, that'd be awesome!)

~Live Your Own Truth~

p.s. happy new year! oh, and just a happy little thing to note: I got my very first new years kiss this year. I'm sure you can guess who from :)


  1. The next time you feel the need to talk about your period, go and talk with someone instead of writing about it here. That was disgusting.

  2. I dunno, anonymous g.r.o.u.n.d.e.d.--it made me laugh pretty hard. Tell me, what about a woman's blood is disgusting? I'm not defensive here; I'm curious. Is there anything disgusting about menstrual blood that's not deeply rooted in cultural perception? IMO, Menstruation's a part of life, no matter where you are.

    All of her eggs? Depends on the woman. I'm pretty sure that's what menopause is for...(shrugs) Unless you're referring to all of the eggs, including the ones that don't get development from pre-natal cycles and are then flushed out by periods...

    Awesome on the New Year kiss! I had my first too--it was awesome. :D

  3. @AKB: I see that you enjoy hearing about bathroom events. Which actually says a LOT about you. And the way you formed your response to me says a lot about you too- you're a bully.

  4. @g.r.o.u.n.d.e.d (wow! that took a long time to type out!) wow. um...sorry, but I'm not going to quit talking or writing on the blog about my period just because you think it's disgusting...Have you looked at the title of the blog? This is about BREAKING THE SILENCE. fun fact: there is almost NO literature about women's menstruation. Why can't we talk about this issue? It happens EVERY MONTH. But, maybe you'd like to suggest topics for the future? I'm always open for suggestions or questions :)

    Also, thanks for reading. Even though you may not always like what you get... :)

    @AKB I'm glad you laughed ;)
    I meant all of a woman's eggs being flushed out by periods...I just thought it would be a weird idea, but mayb'e you're right about menopause...I've never really learned much about it though, so I might have to do some researching.

  5. @G.r.o.u.n.d.e.d - ...your first comment makes it seem as if you're engaging in self-projection. Am I wrong? You're deflecting the main question. Is there anything disgusting about menstrual blood that's not deeply rooted in cultural perception?

    Agreed with TA, thank you for taking a look at the blog, even if it's not to your liking.

    @TA- Welp, we're both going to be(hopefully living long enough) experiencing it one day...