Monday, January 30, 2012

Prize Giveaway!

Okay, everyone, it's time to be like those other blogs that give away prizes.
Because we want you to spread the word.
And we want people to read our posts.
AND we want people to COMMENT on our posts, so we know we have readers out there!

Here's the deal, our bloggers will be keeping a tally.
If you get the most points then you can win the awesome PRIZE (and it's totally a cool prize, too) by doing any (and all) of the following:
~blog about this blog on your personal blog (1 pt)
~tweet about this blog on your twitter account (1 pt)
~post about this blog on your Facebook (1 pt)
~recommend this blog to people you know (maybe even in real life!) (get them to comment on a post and tell us that you recommended them and you get 5 pts)
~comment on the blog posts--legimitate comments. We want to know you actually read the posts and that you have something, ANYTHING to contribute--even if it's a question or your own story or just your first reaction (2 pt)

Now, how are we gonna know that you blogged about it or facebooked or twittered? You've got to tell us. Comment on this post (no you don't get the 2 pts) and let us know that you twittered, blogged, facebooked. If you comment as a normal reader then you can get the points. And if you have someone else comment on a post (it'd be really nice if they left a legitimate comment too) and tell us that you recommended them then you'll get 5 points--for each person you recommend.


  1. I nominated you for best new blog of the year on a few days ago... Any chance of points there??? :)

    1. sure. I'll give you a point for that. ;)

  2. I post mine to my facebook every Friday and I have a link to it on my blog? Do I get two points for that?

    1. sure you can have a point for each of those...but maybe write a post on your blog about this blog--why you joined or something ;)

    2. I posted on FB and I wrote it in my blog.

  3. Do we get to know what the prize is?... (Sorry, bad question, I know. But I'm a curious person.)