Friday, January 20, 2012

So I'm Not Perfect, Are You?

“I’d rather live my life knowing I’m not perfect, than spending my whole life pretending to be”

I just wish someone would look me in the eye and say it’s okay to be who you are. Make your own dam decisions! Break your own dam rules! I’m not perfect; I have flaws up the hoo-ha. No matter what I will be wrong to someone out there in this big ol’ planet so I might as well just be right with myself.

I just want to not worry about being kicked out school for my mistakes, for my best friend to not love me anymore, for my mother to keep asking “have you taken the sacrament yet?”

Sins and mistakes are so personal so why does everyone get to invade mine?

And that’s not to say I’m not trying. I am. But everyone gives me crap because I’m miserable and that just seems so wrong to me. “Like dude, I’m having a terrible day. You think the best way to make me feel better is to make me feel like crap for being sad?” Huh… Yea that just doesn’t make sense to me.

My point, and I have one other than just rambling, is that no one is going to be perfect. Love people with their imperfections because you’re not perfect either. None of us are.

How to tell people how to back off by Sandra Bullock (disclaimer cursing)

I feel like doing this sometime. Just freaking out and yelling people to get there own life... But I don't.

Song Of The Week

This is mine and my mom’s song. It kind of speaks for itself.

You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me – Cher (Burlesque)


  1. That was beautiful. I love Sandra Bullock.

  2. 28 Days later was an awesome movie. :D :D :D

  3. *Derp, not 28 Days Later. You know what I mean.