Friday, March 1, 2013

Love At First Sight

First you need to understand what a "zing" is...

Hotel Transylvania is a shockingly deep movie (lots of homosexual undertones). It’s like Wreck It Ralph; what is it with these animated movies feeling the need to stir up emotions? Anyways I saw it a while back and loved the idea of zinging. You just meet that person and a purple haze crawls over your eyes and bam it’s love! Okay that actually sounds creepy but whatever.
So this Wednesday… I didn’t “zing” perse but there were definitely tingles. I don’t know why but when I saw this girl I wanted her to sit by me and when she did I wanted to find something interesting to woo her with. When I showed appreciation for the Beavers she leaned over and whispered “no, Ducks are better.” I mean who gets all warm and fuzzy from a girl liking your rival team? Me apparently. And when she giggled at my awkward eating habits and I knew she was watching me instead of the speaker. Or when I walked her to work and she said we were the hottest girls there and I jokingly gave her my number but still really hoped that she would use it.
I guess that is a jumbled bit of mess but that is how I feel. A jumbled bit of happy mess. Wondering how someone who I interacted with for less than an hour can still occupy my thoughts. Wondering if she’ll call me or if the fact that I added her as a friend on FB makes me weird. But I also feel like I can’t just walk away from her without at least trying. 

Well… what do I know? I fall in love with people on a weekly basis. :P 

Actually I’m amending this post because I feel like I should mention the rest of the day. See I got a scholarship through the University Accessibility Center and they wanted us to attend a luncheon and a banquet. I really had no idea what was going on but I was like okay…
I met the girl at the luncheon and saw her again at the banquet. When we had to go receive our awards in front of 300 people we just kind of huddled terrified together. I sat next to the people who donated thousands upon of thousands of dollars for the entire day to happen as well as for each individual scholarship. I got my picture taken with President Samuelson. I had my first ever boutonniere pinned on by my best friend and then had to try to replicate the act when the scholarship donor asked me to pin his on. I shook the entire night before I got my award and was a fumbling mess but it was an amazing evening. I felt really humbled to be given the award. It was spectacular to see how much support me and the other recipients and the accessibility center had. From the 300 hundred anonymous people who came to watching E try to stay awake throughout the three hour program, it was just so humbling.  

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