Sunday, March 17, 2013


Not much to say here today. I've spent too much time on the internet already getting in facebook fights with relatives and reading up on the Steubenville rape case and becoming more and more infuriated, though I was very, very, very relieved that the defendants were found guilty. In lieu of a compelling post, here's an article about how John Boehner can't imagine ever supporting gay marriage in his life. The article mentions other things that, alas, he will never be able to imagine, including but not limited to a talking horse, a duck and a cat being friends, and having a regular-sized body with tiny hands. Isn't it much more fun to imagine a lovely world? It is, John Boehner. It really is.

Also, in the theme of my being angry and okay with that this month I guess, here's a poem that I pull out on special occasions to make me feel better about the assholes in my life. I should clarify that there are A LOT of great people in my life, but this poem is for the times when I'm pissed at terrible people, and that's okay. Have a good week!

Dear ---

This morning
I meant
to say
that I
love you
but somehow
came out:
“Fuck you.”
Forgive me.
I don’t
know what
happened there.
But, on
a lighter
note, it
felt so
fucking good
to say.
-Alex Dryden

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  1. So fucking good.

    Re: the trial, that hadn't been on my radar. Not sure how I feel about it being there now.