Friday, July 15, 2011

Favorite gay-themed movies and books?

Hey friends, Justin here.

Glancing at the posts from this week ... 

Jeremy's post moves me.  I don't know where he gets his courage from, but he is so brave.

I'm in love with Bridey.  There, I said it.  She is just so marvelous.  Seeing her openness inspires me.  I always admired her in USGA.

And Tiffany--she expressed so much of what I've been wondering about, too--about standards, and how to live in our worlds.

What are your favorite movies or books that address gay themes?  Extra points if they bring religion into the mix.


  1. Some of mine are:
    The Latter Days
    The Big Gay Musical
    Boy Culture
    Noah's Arc - Jumping the Broom
    There are lots of great ones out there. These are just a few

  2. @ Mohoguy: I saw Latter Days before my mission and felt like it was so well done. Now I wish some parts of it had been handled differently, but overall, good choice. I look forward to checking out what else you've listed. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  3. My favorite is an Audrey Hepburn movie called The Children's Hour.

    I also really appreciated the book Maurice by EM Forester. As far as books go, one that I really loved which is not necessarily about anything gay related is The Awakening, because I read that book at about the same time I was having my own "awakening"

  4. "No Going Back" by Jonathan Langford put me to tears again and again. It illustrated so many of the feelings that I had as a LDS bisexual girl. The main character is a gay boy trying desperately to survive high school and staying LDS while on the road to self-discovery.

    Byrd bashed it hard (likely for it corresponding to reality.)Shame on him for removing such a fantastic piece of literature from the BYU bookstore and other LDS stores.

  5. @ TD: Who knew that Audrey Hepburn created such a movie! I look forward to it. Thanks for your recommendations.

    @ AKB: I remember when "No Going Back" came out. Wasn't there something the Daily Universe about it? Wasn't there also something on the Affirmation website about it? And Byrd--Dean A. Bird? So it goes. Bet the book was good. :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh Justin, I'm in love with you too!

    My favorite movie would have to be "Imagine Me and You". I found it when I was coming out to myself, and it really helped me to see that people can be happy with who they are and who they love, and that it's okay.

  7. @ Bridey: Is it a mixed-orientation marriage if both spouses are gay--but one is a guy who likes guys and the other is a girl who likes girls? :)

    I'll have to check "Imagine Me and You" out--thanks for the recommendation. Those movies we see when we are coming out to ourselves always seem to be so significant. I still remember seeing "Broken Hearts Club" in high school or sometime. It was great--gays are normal!--and I still love Key Lime Pie-flavored yogurt.

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  9. @AKB: I just went and checked for myself out of curiosity, and both the BYU bookstore and the BYU library (in various sections) have "No Going Back". The thing about the bookstore is that, even though it's about an LDS teenager and by an LDS author (I'm assuming), it is not shelved with the other LDS fiction, but rather in the general fiction. But it's there, I promise.

    @Justin: I believe the correct term is a "Lavender Marriage" ;)
    (at least according to Wikipedia, which is on the internet so it must be true)

  10. Make the Yuletide Gay!!!

    Such a funny movie@