Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Your Dose of Neil Patrick Harris for the Day

On my other blog, I've posted a list of my favorite actresses and musicians. I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed it thoroughly. So, I'll post my favorite gay and lesbian people on here (I'll limit it to ten). And ask you this question: who would you put as your top ten gay/lesbians?

Portia di Rossi
If you have never seen her on Arrested Development, I highly recommend watching her. She was hilarious on that show. I give Ellen Degeneres props for marrying this beautiful and talented woman.

Chris Colfer
He is adorable. I love his voice and I love his character. After Glee, I hope he is able to keep finding work in the industry. I'd love to see him develop more as an actor.

Chris Pureka
She is amazing! I love her voice and her music. She just has a certain depth of quality in her voice. It's a voice that you could listen to over and over again and not feel like you've heard all that could be expressed.

Jay Brannan
Jay Brannan is a musician with a beautiful voice and is such a cutie ;)

 Tracy Chapman
Another musician with an amazing voice. I have a confession on this: when I first heard her voice back in high school, I didn't realize that Tracy was actually a woman! I know, embarrassing right? I have since learned so don't judge me too harshly.

Christopher Rice
Son of the famous Ann Rice. He typically writes murder mystery novels with the main character or major characters being gay. I personally loved the book Density of Souls by him and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good book to read. 

Jane Lynch
Oh, who doesn't love her? She is talented and hilarious! Jane Lynch is the reason that I love Glee. The character that she plays, Sue Sylvester, is just sheer comedy in evilness. After watching her performance as Sue, I have a secret desire: I want to be Sue Sylvester. 

Jake Shears
This man is sooooo hot! Well, to me at least. He is fun to watch and fun to listen to. If you've never heard of him (how have you not?), he's the lead singer in the band Scissor Sisters. There are quite a number of songs to listen to but I'll recommend this one.

Brandie Balken
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a local hero. Brandie is in charge of Equality Utah, the political group that advocates for LGBTQ rights in Utah. She is amazing, wonderful, and intelligent. Seriously, if you have never met her, I highly recommend it. She is on my list because of everything she is and all that she works to accomplish. Brandie, you have my support as always!

Neil Patrick Harris

Yes, it's him. You just cannot deny his awesomeness. Have you seen him in the Prop 8 Musical? Do so now.


  1. Another really awesome list Jeremy! Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for this! Chris Pureka is awesome! I love making new discoveries/having other people recommend cool things :)

    I'm gonna have to think about my top gay list...but Jane Lynch is definitely on it :)

  3. Portia De... She really is hilarious and brilliant. AD. Better Off Ted. Love her.
    And you including Chris Pureka & Tracy Chapman makes me vair happy. (I also didn't know that Tracy Chapman was a woman until waaay late as well... which is why we are soulmates WINK)
    And can you please marry Jay Brannan? Or at least make out with him?

  4. I don't know if I could craft a list of my Top Ten as it is ever-changing. However, David Sedaris and Brandi Carlile would definitely be on it :)