Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh crazy dreams...

So I have decided to write to you about some wonderful dreams that I have had lately.

I am not going to lie, I have a room mate that I think is really really attractive. He is friendly, has a rich deep voice, incredible jawline, and can grow incredible facial hair when he wants. He is a really really great guy.

So here goes my dream from last night. It starts off, as all dreams do, with some irrelevant events that I can’t remember. Well it comes to the point where there is a stranger that has either placed a curse on me that is causing me to die rapidly. I could literally feel myself shutting down as I was progressing through the dream. Well it gets to a point where I am slowly stumbling down a staircase and I can feel myself dying. It wasn’t painful at all but I got weaker, slower, started shaking, etc. Slowly but surely dying. I start to stumble down a few stairs and end up collapsing but there to catch me as I fall is the room mate mentioned above.

Then he did something that I didn’t expect.

He pulled me in close and gently holding my face with both my hands he kisses me. It is such a tender kiss and I remember the way that I felt, while my eyes were closed,as we kissed for the first and last time. It was as if he was saying that he had always loved me and it was also a kiss goodbye. It was beautiful. Then I died.

I remember floating out of my body and floating above my body. I expected to instantly be taken away to the next life but I lingered and got the chance to say goodbye to the members of my family one last time.

I visited my mother and we talked for a while; what was interesting was that we were both so happy. We cried together as we talked about all the wonderful things that we had done together in life. I then visited my father and we talked about how this separation was only temporary and that I would see all of them again.

The most touching visit was when I got to say goodbye to my brother. We both couldn’t stop crying because of the thought of being apart for so long. I really love and miss my brother every single day and I wish he knew that. Then after I had said goodbye to my brother it was time for me to go. I remember closing my eyes and sinking into the ground; it was the same feeling as falling asleep.

Then I woke up. I still have those feelings that I had in my dream. A longing for love, to not be alone, for longing what I can’t have, missing my family, wondering what the next life will be like, and the peace that can come at the end of a beautiful life.

So interesting…

On a lighter note I had a dream where I was running in a field with all of the kids from the Sound of music. We were in some beautiful hills and there were large tall trees all around. The magical part was that it was full of bubbles from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We kept eating the bubbles and they allowed us to fly higher and higher among all the trees. When we wanted to come down we just simply burped. It was so warm, sunny, and fun as we drifted through the trees like birds. Smiles all around.


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    1. uh...?? What? That came out of nowhere.

  2. so, what does the picture have to do with anything?? let's keep in mind here, that this is not a porno blog...just saying ;)

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with dreams that involve love from people. On the one hand I feel really blessed to be able to experience that even for just a moment. Then I end up wanting to shoot someone if they wake me up :P

  4. I'm with Tiffany on this one. I totally understand the weird dreams, but the picture??? Kind of embarrassed to recommend this blog to my not-so-gay-friendly family with pics like that floating around.