Thursday, March 22, 2012


I love spring

Colors crack through the brown and gray
chasing away the monotony of winter

After months of waiting beneath the soil
the bulbs break through
reaching skyward,
Now, they are ready.
All of the beauty they have been gathering
All of the treasures found in their quiet solitude
are ready to burst forth
exploding into blossoms of color
Colors everywhere.

I love spring.

The air is filled with the sounds of growth,
birds building new nests
trees rustling in the breeze
Bugs buzzing
Sparrows singing.

I love spring!

The smell of growth is in the air.
The world awakens
it's excitement felt in the way the children play
in the way the workers shed their coats
the way I walk with a bounce

Perhaps I am the bulb,
the sparrow,
the tree.
Maybe it is my turn to blossom,
to burst forth with color,
Maybe, after months of gathering beauty,
of finding treasures in my quiet solitude,
it's my turn.

Maybe this will be my spring.


  1. There's something invigorating about seeing the world reborn every spring. I love the imagery you shared and I love your peaceful messages. Thank you for helping my day start out so wonderfully!

  2. You're such a good writer. This is so beautiful. I'm so excited about spring. both the physical/exterior and the metaphorical/internal :)

  3. I don't even know what to say... so awesome.

  4. Thanks, guys. :)
    Do any of you ever feel like you have all this stuff inside that's just ready to be outside??? (and no, this is not bathroom humor, I promise). At springtime I start to feel like I'm going to burst, and it's not just being antsy from winter. I feel like I'm a bulb, and I've been hibernating and gathering stuff all winter and now I just want to explode and share it with everyone...whatever it is. Anyone ever feel that way?

    1. Oh yes. But for me it was coming out. I'm truly starting to accept myself and I just want to share it with everyone! Hence me wearing my "I'm okay if you're gay" shirt RIGHT NOW! (thanks for the logo BTW, it's awesome)

    2. Self-acceptance is such a beautiful step! Yay for you! And yay for wearing an awesome t-shirt! (glad you like the logo) :)

  5. Jo, this is beautiful. I needed this today. This has been one of the most difficult winters for me, both because of the nasty gray weather and also dealing with some depression. Even a hint of spring makes me feel a little more alive. Thank you for writing this.

    1. I agree. Spring breathes life into me. I've come to appreciate the winters (both internal and external), but spring has always been my favorite. Sometimes, in the depth of winter, it's hard to remember just how alive we are.