Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday: To All Our Readers

Hi everyone!

This is Tif just popping in to say

1. We've got a vacancy on the blog (for Tuesday).

2. I'm looking for someone with the transgender perspective if possible.

3. If you'd like to write for the blog (as our Tuesday regular OR as a Saturday guest) then send me an email at tiffanydemings@gmail.com showing your interest, a short bio (and if you're really ambitious, a blog post written just for LGBT Voices Breaking the Silence)

4. We're trying to exand our audience as well as our voices to touch a wide variety of perspectives (including reaching outside of the Mormon views, which we've had a lot of on this blog). If you have any suggestions for the blog, then feel free to send me an email (tiffanydemings@gmail.com) or, even better--leave a comment!

5. To those of you who comment, please KEEP COMMENTING!

6. Every one of our bloggers here LOVES to have comments on their post

7. Don't worry if you're long-winded (some of us are, too)--give us feedback. Positive or negative--we'll take whatever we can get (although we really LOVE the positive :)

8. To those of you who read, but don't comment I'd like to encourage you to comment. Even if you feel like you have nothing to say just drop the bloggers a one liner telling them you're here and you're reading--because you make all the difference here.

9. Thank you all for reading, and for showing your support. If you have any stories you'd like to share, then please do so :)

10. Love to you all!


  1. I read, but don't comment. I'll try to comment. Jo's posts are awesome, by the way.

    1. You should definitely comment on Jo's posts. She needs more commentors :)