Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bathroom revenge!!!

Hey there friends and dear readers

I am your new wednesday and I hope that we will have an amazing time as we continue this blog. Here is a little bit about me. My name is Nathan C. and I am a 21 year old, gay, byu student studying illustration from Hollywood CA. I hope to one day work for in animation as a concept designer and also do children's illustration on the side. Harry potter is basically my life (I have read the entire series a total of 29 times), I am a hufflepuff, I teach charms at Hogwarts, and my patronus is a wolf. I spend my paychecks on books, movies and video games and then realize I have no groceries but hey that's life. If you have any questions or comments than let me know!

Bathroom time!

Oh boy bathrooms...

So here are my thoughts on bathrooms. They can be a magical place or a nasty hellish nightmare, it really all varies. I am part fish in case you wanted to know, I love love love water (I would for sure be a waterbender) and so I need showers and baths to survive. I have to say that I love long showers (my max is a 2 hours shower) and baths and in this way the bathroom can be a magical escape. It helps me to relax and ignore the troubles of stupid school or money etc. Here is where the issues come into play. If you have gross nasty room mates you end up with a disgusting, smelly, hair covered restroom and this kills me! I hate hair in the shower, pee on the toilet, and toothpaste all over the sink. People let's not be slobs!

Story time. So one year I had 2 horrible colorado state champion wrestlers. They were the worst room mates I have ever had. They were loud messy and pretty much ignored me all the time. Well they TWICE flooded the toilet and left it for me to clean up. We had one bathroom and it was flooded with Poo Water. The first time I used their bath towels to mop it all up. The second time I scooped up some of the poo water and put it into their milk. Yeah I know that is sick but hey be kind be courteous; people clean your bathroom and don't be a jerk.

So there are some of my thoughts about bathrooms. Keep it clean keep it magical. Till next week!

Oh and P.S. paper toilet seat covers are a wonderful invention, why do we not have them in Utah???


  1. First of all, welcome to the blog.
    Second, that is DISGUSTING. ewwww.
    Third, there are such things as paper toilet seat covers in Utah...I see them all the time in women's restrooms.
    Fourth, not to get all preachy or judgmental, but TWO HOUR SHOWER?!!! do you know how much WATER that is using?! I'm all for a 2-hour bath, though--especially when I get all my rubber duckies together, or maybe a really good book...

  2. Ha ha, I feel your pain.

    It appalls me what cleanliness standard most young people (particularly but not only guys) keep.

    I suggest you base your roommate choices *solely* on whether people are clean. You don't have to live with people to enjoy their company, but if you have a clean environment you'll enjoy your life better all around, even if you have to leave to meet your friends (or invite them over where they subconsciously--I naively hope--prefer to be anyway because it's clean).

  3. Not the milk! Not the milk! That's my favorite drink! D:

    Welcome. :D I'd totally be a water-bender, too.

  4. yep I realize I wasted a ton of water on that shower but hey I was missing the rain!!! Oh and at first I felt bad about what I did to my room mates but after a while I just thought 'if you are a FREAKING SLOB and a jerk than I will make you pay!' since than I have had amazing room mates so that lucked out. Well I think they should have toilet seat covers for men too because I rarely see them!

    Waterbenders unite!!!!

  5. I just have to say I LOVE the pic in this post. I have a secret crush on all willow trees.

  6. I like to pretend that she is grandmother willow from Pocahontas

  7. OMG. Pocahontas is where a lot of my personal beliefs come from...or at least that particular Disney movie embodies a lot of my personal beliefs...I think it's because of Grandmother Willow that I LOVE willows so much. So glad to have you Nathan. :)