Sunday, November 20, 2011


I have a lot of books.
Except now I have a lot less books than I once had.

I've been downsizing.
Letting my books go.
Selling them off.
Giving them away.

I thought it would be hard.
But, it's actually really nice.
I feel like I'm setting myself free somehow.

I love books.
They are my everything.

Except that they aren't.
I'm learning that I don't have to keep things just because they are books.
Just because they have pages.
And words.
And that smell of old tree with ink.

I'm a writer.
I used to be a book hoarder.
But not anymore.
Even though I kind of still am...

I decided though, that if it ever came down to it, I could live happily with only 3 books.
Here they are (in order):
1. once upon a time when i was a rabbit
2. If I Ran The Zoo
3. Book of Hugs (that may or may not be the actual title...but I'm leaning towards may)

Those pretty much sum up my personality.

~live your own truth~

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