Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Halloween... oops I meant THANKSGIVING!!!

Hi Dear Friends and readers... oh wait, I forgot no one reads my posts as clearly reflected by the amount of comments I get. (Yes what I am getting at is that I am a whore for that 'personal' touch, leave me comments so I can talk to you!)

So these past 2 days I was like oh where is the email that tells me what to write about? Oh wait I didn't get it so I know, I'll check the blog... wait a minute why is it saying that the blog I am looking for doesn't exist? BLARGA FLARGA! Not to fret readers, the problem has been fixed and indeed the blog does still 'exist' (internet, the Matrix, what?)

So this week I thought I would focus on a holiday theme so I am going to be talking about my favorite 4th of July foods, Just kidding (although I do hate watermelon, just so you know)! Nope I am going to talk about what Gay things I am thankful for this year. Did you see how I worked in my gayness into the topic, geez I am so magical.

So this year I have so much to be grateful for in terms of gay stuff (yeah I know I speak good english right?) So firstly I am SO thankful for the fact that I am gay! Not going to lie but I love it about myself and I think it makes me unique and fun so yay to my gay. I realize that my third coming out anniversary is coming up rapidly (by rapidly I mean march but whatever); I need to start planning on what to treat myself to! I came out in march of 2009 and have celebrated 2 wonderful anniversaries; last year I bought myself a PS3 to celebrate! (Any other gay gamers out there?)

So the pictures above are what I am going to focus on specifically and that is, I am thankful for Cute gay couples. I am not talking about cute guys because they are everywhere, I am talking about the couples that are adorable and show off how LBGT people can still be romantic and affectionate. So many people focus on the sexual wether that be in straight or other relationships; media has certainly only perpetuated this. (not all media, thank you Pushing Daisies and Modern Family!)

I am a classic romantic and I love a good chick-flick or romance as much as the next crazy teenage girl. I think that the world needs more romantic and loving LGBT couples out there who get more attention. I honestly don't think that people can truly be always angry at the gay couple who are respectful, loving, good neighbors who go to PTA, potlucks, and school fundraisers; those are INCREDIBLE people! I am not saying that you need to have kids to fit the 'good' couple mold; look and Ellen and Portia, they are so cute and loving and AMERICA adores them because they are romantics and great people.

I want more examples of strong and loving LGBT couples out there because, I am tired of people playing the 'it's just about sex' card. It's really not about sex people, if it was just about sex than men wouldn't bother trying to get with anyone when they could just go hump a freaking tree. It is about romance, love, and companionship.

So this thanksgiving I am thankful for Cute, Loving, Romantic LGBT couples out there! I raise my glass of apple cider to you! Have an incredible Thanksgiving everyone!

Oh and in my continued effort to fling my craziness into your life here is a link to my personal blog, careful there is a LOT of me talking about my various adventures as a wizard on there :)


  1. Hey, here's a comment about comments. I've not been able to comment on your personal blog for a while. I don't remember when (about a month ago, maybe?), but one day I just didn't have the option to comment anymore. Maybe I just don't understand tumblr. Do you need a tumblr account to comment or something?

  2. I think you have to have an account in tumblr. It can even just be a basic account with your name as anonymous and you should be fine :)

  3. I agree! The more society sees good examples of loving, caring LGBT couples, the less they will hold to the stereotype that it is just about sex. Count me in on this one. I'll be just such an example. :)

    And PS, there's nothing wrong with loving trees....just sayin'.

  4. hahaha. hey, nathan, you can comment on my posts and I'll comment on your posts, k? k.

    And I agree about couples. I love to see cute gay couples. I want to help be one of those couples. One time when I was at lake tahoe I saw this adorable gay couple and they had two little kids--the cutest little girl and a little boy. For some reason gay dads are just my favorite.

    Jo, there's nothing wrong with loving trees...but maybe not all trees want to be humped by dudes...just sayin. Maybe for those who only want sex, a nice vibrator is a good idea, eh? Save the trees!

  5. Haha! Save the trees, indeed. I feel a new campaign coming on.

  6. I can see it now. A campaign with shirts that say 'stop screwing out trees'