Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gay Family Values

Maybe I've already mentioned my favorite YouTubers before...but I'm doing it again.

Jay and Bryan Leffew with their adorable children, Selena and Daniel, have created a channel called Gay Family Values which basically just shows their family and how wonderful they are as a gay family. They just want to show how they're just like any other family (although a lot better than most, in my opinion). Here's a vid Bryan made on A Gay Collab explaining what his family's blog is all about.

Here's their wonderful love story. I just adore this family. Jay and Bryan are so great. I love what they're doing.


  1. I flippin LOVE THEM!!!!!! I comment on a bunch of their videos and are facebook friends with them. They mentioned me by name in one of their videos :) SO exciting!

  2. wow. that's super cool. I want to meet them someday :)