Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Drag queen will cut you!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!!!! Yeah we are half way through the week thank goodness! So did anyone watch glee last night? Yeah it is my favorite episode ever and made me totally cry. Blaine and Kurt forever. Soo onto this weeks wondrous topic; social expectations.

So here are my thoughts... (me speaking in my head)
Brain: 'Nathan you should care about social roles and limits because society says so!'
Me: 'Hey brain just shut your freaking face because I am better than that and I can be who I want to be'
Brain: 'hmmmm, fine but I will still linger here and bug you'
Me: 'Then I will cut you with awesome day dreams and deep thinking!'
Brain: 'Damn you!'

So I think that social expectations should really be ignored and are quite horrible. They are just limits that we are exposed to and become accustomed to because they are in the world around us; society secretly tells us how to be. I have chosen to be myself no matter what. I am dorky, friendly, clean, kind, creative (Yes I am a Hufflepuff, PRIDE!) and so much more and you know who told me that? Myself. I don't need society to tell me who I am or who I should be because I have to accept and love myself first and foremost. I posted the picture of RuPaul because she is kinda amazing.

Drag queens in general choose to TOTALLY reject social limits and flaunt it in everyones faces and I think that's why people love them. They are proud, they are fierce, they don't give a crap about your opinion of them, and they are human; they live life. Now I am not saying that we should all become drag queens but I think that we should learn from them for sure; we should learn to be proud and love ourselves no matter what society tells us we should be. So remember folks keep a mini drag queen in your hearts at all time.

Hmmm... now I think I need a good drag name. Any ides? Bonus points for Harry Potter related drag names!


  1. While I see your point about how drag queens go against some social expectations (like of what men should do, be, dress like, etc) I have to wonder if they don't conform as well to certain cultural expectations of what it means to be gay--see, here I am assuming that drag queens are gay...hmmm. Interesting ideas to think about.

  2. But being a woman isn't being gay. They are getting as close to being a woman that they can in which case they are moving away from their gay identity in a way. Gay is a man who like a man just as a lesbian is a woman who likes a woman. My dressing in drag they become more woman like and not more masculine so they aren't becoming more gay they are actually becoming more woman like. Exact opposite I think?

  3. Perhaps. But, it seems that society expects drag queens to be gay men, right?

  4. Can I just say I love the fact that you are hufflepuff and proud. When we did sortings last summer at my job (best job ever), everyone whined about being in hufflepuff except for a few true (including me). What can I say? Hufflepuff's just have the life :)