Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thursday

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!

And second (and most importantly)....Happy Thursday!

Back in high school (all those many, many years ago), my best friend and I decided that there was a serious lack of celebrating in our culture.  We were tired of how commercialized the holidays had become and how much the focus had gone from spending time and spreading love to giving gifts and having cooler decorations than your neighbors, so we made up our own holiday.  We called it Happy Thursday.  Unlike all other holidays and birthdays, it happened once a week rather than once a year and it was always a big deal.  Always.  By creating our own holiday we had no social rules to abide by, no ideas of what the holiday should "look" like or who should be invited to it's activities, should there be any.  It was different every week.  Sometimes, it was simply a phone call to wish each other a Happy Thursday.  Other weeks it involved opening one's locker only to have hundreds of hand-folded origami flowers pour out onto the floor.  There were dinner parties.  There were cards and letters.  There were mini road trips to the park across town.  Thursdays were whatever we wanted them to be, but they were always wonderful, and for no other reason than that we wanted them to be.

I suppose the fact that we can make things our own and create new meaning in old traditions is what I am most grateful for today, and also what I wish for you.  I know that the holidays are not everyone's "most wonderful time of the year."  Some are not on the best terms with their families.  For others, the "reason for the season" might not hold meaning anymore, making the traditions feel hollow.  And for others, the holidays might be the thing they most look forward to.  Wherever you are on the Love-the-Holidays continuum, make it your own.  There are so many reasons to celebrate, laugh and love, and so many ways to do so.  I'm getting all excited just thinking about it!

A very Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. oh how lovely. happy thursday indeed!
    I think this thursday calls for celebrating scarf season ;)

  2. Scarf season is a particularly lovely thing to celebrate! Expecially on such a Thursday as this. :)

  3. love it
    if you are ever in boulder colorado on a thursday look for the "happy Thursday" cruiser bike ride--it is legendary and would make you proud of your high school idea
    happy wednesday to you