Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What? Oh hey there you...

Oh hey there Ryan! What’s that? You said you just happened to be in the neighborhood with a bunch of flowers and wanted to take me to out dinner and mini-golfing? Oh okay, I guess I am okay with that, just let me grab my coat.

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!!! I hope I spelled that right? (then again I don't even care.) So the theme this week is and I quote 'whatever the hell you want week' So I thought I would talk about what the hell I want :) see what I did there? Oh so tricky.

So I am 21 and I have never been on a first date or had a first kiss and honestly I think it is about time. I am so freaking tired of it because every other person in this school is getting hitched around me while I stand here. Yep I feel like a cliff face that is constantly getting hit in the face by waves of straight romance from the endless ocean of gag me cheesy-ness. So I think my goal for this next semester is to start dating because being single so far has been stupid. Here's the hitch; I want to be asked out not do the asking. This is tricky because so far no one has done it and I don't know how to get the guys I like to realize 'oh hey maybe I should ask him out'. And this my dilemmas continue.

FUNNY STORY TIME YAY!!!! So here is the scoop. One of my room mates, who I don't mind, has been dating this girl pretty seriously; I am fine with this. It's when they stage a home invasion into my apt that I start to become pissed. They sit and wrap themselves around each other for HOURS in our living room, probably 4-5 nights a week. My tv and videogames and movies are in that living room but I don't want to be around them while they are practicing what they are going to do on their wedding night. So stupid. Not only that but when she get around my room mate she begins to act like this is a cripple who has had her arms and legs cut off. "stop your tickling hurts" "Oh that's so spicy I can't eat that" (It was ketchup by the way). She is in my ward and is totally normal but the second she gets near him she turns into a baby talking blubbering IDIOT!!! I can't handle the pair of them...

So I may have done a bad thing ;) Recently their idea of having fun is to sit in our living room and play sudoku together; They play the same game in separate books in silence, like some freaky race. Here are my thoughts... if you aren't married yet and already your idea of having fun is playing sudoku in silence; then holy shit you are going to have the most boring marriage I have ever heard of. I would die. Well in an attempt to rid my apt of the mating squid couple I went and hid one of the sudoku books... yep I am a total jerk but I don't regret it at all because last night my room mate asked me 'hey have you seen a sudoku book around? @#O*$% is going to come over and play.' I said no to his face and like magic, she never came. I am quite proud of myself even if I might be a jerk.

Moral of the story... I want to date, I want to have fun, I don't want to invade someone's living room, I can be amazingly sly when I need to. Hope you are all going to have a great day and weekend! I am headed of to CALIFORNIA! YESSSSSSS!!!!

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  1. While reading this I really had the urge to ask you on a date and then I realized that I'm a girl and maybe that's not really what you wanted...yeah. I hope you get "what the hell" you want :)

    Anyway, uh, are you roommates with me? Because I have a pair of roommates JUST LIKE THAT!!! ew ew ew. makes me want to barf all over the kitchen floor just so they won't stand in it making out all the time.

    Sometimes one will sit at the kitchen table doing homework while the other sits on the couch in the living room doing homework and it creates this like 15 feet of awkwardness between them which takes up our WHOLE APARTMENT. I can't even make a sandwich without them and their weird ambiance that they have together getting in the way. What I say is, get married already and f*%k around in your own damn livingroom.