Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holidays and Oh Jeez Holiday Food

This week is a little less focused than most for me. I have a lot of free time, and not just because I'm unemployed. It's the Christmas season, and I'm spending it with my boyfriend's wonderful family.
Some may feel that I am betraying my sexual orientation by loving someone that identifies as a man and has all of the biological trappings of a man. Not really--being bisexual means that I'll love whoever I please, but I've been over this before. Seth's a wonderful guy, and I don't think I'll be looking further for a partner. I could have more time to go clubbing and partying and flirting around with girls, but I think I've found someone amazing. I'm open to having another go at female relationships if I ever break up with Seth, but we're doing really well together. We make the same silly sounds, dance the same silly dances, and read books together when we can't think of someone crazy to go do. As far as love goes, I think I'm good.

I haven't pressed charges yet against stalker-man. I should, but I'm waiting for him to call me again. If what he was doing was anything more intense than calling, I wouldn't be waiting. As requested in the comments of my sexual abuse post, I would heartily suggest Intercept and the psychologists under Karen Malm as awesome psychologists. Most health insurances that cover mental health have networks for you to look up psychologists in the area, and after being through eight different psychologists in my life, I would suggest people that identify as LGBT in some regard. While straight psychologists can certainly help, the added identity on their end helps in processing my emotions and perceptions. I was also wrong to say that females never sexualize males through media--there is also female enjoyment of men in romance novels. Again, any call you make is up to you, but I think romance novels are kind of gross. (This is someone who has written romances in several manuscripts where I don't focus on the romance. I don't like making a romance the plot of the story. Does that reflect a personal preference for making other goals in my life more important? Perhaps. Perhaps it's also telling that I tend to write about slavery, religion, and most of all--the power of perspectives.)
Seth's family is LGBT-friendly, and so far, I haven't had any flak from relatives on the subject. I can't wait to start baking and cooking for the Christmas dinners. I've already eaten a half pound of eggnog fudge...but I really want to make this. <-- Yeah, I have a pinterest account, and if you're the sort that loves collecting visual media, this is the site for you, I promise. I just hope that I don't gain the weight of the United States throughout the holiday.

Happy Holidays! May the love be with you.

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  1. oh wow. I doubt I'll be having any kind of christmas goodies this year. there's really no time or appetite for that kind of stuff when you're digging through dead people's things...Enjoy it extra for me :)

    Also, I can't believe you're betraying your sexual orientation by being with a guy if you're BISEXUAL. Just sayin. And, honestly, even though I identify as lesbian doesn't mean that I'm betraying any part of my identity if I were to date a man...I think people need to just get over the fact that we all get to do what we want for ourselves and have no say in anyone else's love.

    Thanks Amber!