Friday, December 2, 2011

Swedish Fish

Why? Because they are delicious.

I used to hate Swedish Fish. I didn’t understand why anyone would willingly put a piece of red gelatinous sugar that was shaped as a fish in their mouth. And then I came to college. All of you university peeps know that you need to the perfect snack food. Something to keep you up while you listen to professor’s drone on about how awesome they are and how awesome their obscure subject is. Mine is Swedish fish. I don’t remember exactly when it started but soon I was just starting to crave them. I have some sitting next me to write now just waiting to swim into my mouth.


So that is my profound thought for the week. Because finals are coming and we are all SWAMPED! I should be working on a huge project but I wanted to shout out my love for you all with a little deliciousness to brighten your day!

So grab some fish from the nearest vending machine, hit the library and study up because this semester is over in two weeks!!!!


Song of the week

In the spirit of fun gelatinous sugary treats we have. . .

Gummy Bear Song

It’s ridiculous and sweet! And people call me bear so I kind of love it... A lot!

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