Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Winter Pick-Me-Up

Last week I mentioned how I needed a pick-me-up, something to brighten the nothing-but-gray that surrounded me and seemed to be creeping inside my heart.  I needed to find something to remind me of the beauty and the color that is out there, of the vibrant life that is inside me.  There is so much life and beauty to be had, but I was forgetting about it.  I needed a reminder.  So, off to the thrift shop I went, and look what I found:

A new hat!

It is definitely serving it's purpose.  While wearing this hat, I can't be blue (or gray, as the case may be).  I put it on and automatically am brought back to myself; to my creative, life-loving, joy-filled, dance-wildly-in-the-kitchen, full-of-love self.  There is a small tag on the inside of the hat with the name "Lois" written carefully on it.  The " I " is dotted with a heart, which is extremely fitting.  I like to imagine how Lois would have worn that hat, how she would have put it on before going about town.  I imagine her as an older lady, thin body, silvery hair, smiling face full of wrinkles and love.  Can you imagine this hat on such a head??  Would she have worn a cardigan to match?  Perhaps shoes instead?  A sash?  A handbag?  Only Lois knows, but imagining her joy while wearing her hat definitely augments mine when I have it on.

The moment I get home from work, the hat goes on.  I wear it around the house.  I wear it in the car.  I wear it while talking to my mother on the phone.  I wear it in the bath.  I wear it everywhere.  How could I not??  The bright pink contrasted with a beautiful yellow daisy is making this bleak winter much more bearable.  The holidays are not my "most wonderful time of the year," nor is the cold, cold winter with it's gray skies and gray snow and gray streets.  And then there are so many expectations from family, so many memories of traditions and beliefs and relationships that are no longer.  This year is easier than last, but still tricky to be sure.  But with my pretty pink hat, I can do anything.

I need to insert a caveat here: seasons are useful.  I love seasons, each with it's own purpose and perfect timing (referring both to earthly seasons and our own inner ones).  I don't think running from the changes we experience is the best idea since the ups and downs and warms and colds of our lives are what shape us and facilitate our own growth and expansion, but there's nothing wrong with having reminders of the bright times, eh?  Just because it's winter doesn't mean I'm dead.

I'm off to my family's house for a holiday celebration.  And yes, I'm wearing my hat, my bright new reminder that there beauty.  Everywhere.  Even when it's cold.

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    I love the pictures. LOVE.
    That hat is already brightening up my winter as well.