Tuesday, November 27, 2012

bad blogger


sorry.  I was very ill last week and missed my day.  Trust me, a week without blogging makes me sad, especially when, I am assuming because of the holiday, no one else blogged all week either.  Do you know how crazy I become when I have nothing to read??!!! Especially sick, laying in bed, with absolutely no energy to do anything besides stalk blogs, facebook and twitter I was sad to not have fresh reading material.

My holiday was good.  We ate too much, didn't drink enough, and saw just the right amount of family. It was really a good weekend.  The kids went back and forth a lot between families until the weekend and then they were with my ex.  Tiff and I joined my entire family for our family trek out to Wendover.  Tiff had never been out there before.

Saturday we did our shopping, well, we started our holiday shopping.  The kids each get a want, a wear, a need and a read for christmas.  This tradition started a few years ago because the girls were so overwhelmed by opening gifts it took as a week one year to get through them.  The girls became frustrated with the opening and just wanted to PLAY with the damn toys.  So, I started the want, wear, need, read thing.  I stole it from someone else, I can't remember who so I'm sorry if they read this and need their credit.  CREDIT CREDIT CREDIT.  whew, glad that's taken care of.

So, this is how this year panned out:

Kid 1 Want: a figit ( I have NO IDEA what this is) Wear: jean skirt with a skull Need: a math book Read: The Trouble According to Humphrey

Kid 2: Want a stuffed dog, a stuff rat and a car Wear: new shoes Need: socks Read: a chapter book

Kid 3: Want: Butterscotch the talking horse Wear: a dress Need: "sum more sock" Read: Dr Seuss

I had to leave the actual spelling in there for at least one because it was pretty cute.  Apparently in our family we love skulls, and need lots of socks.  Our dryer is very hungry ;)

This year it's important to us to take the girls sub for santa shopping, or get gifts off the angel tree.  The girls have never done this where THEY pick out the gifts for the other family, although I have done it in the past in my children's names.  I think this year they are all old enough to do it themselves.  We shall see how it goes.  If anyone has suggestions I'm happy to hear them!!!

This weekend we are getting our Christmas tree.  I struggle every year, and in fact have boycotted the holiday in the past.  I don't believe in god so why am I celebrating?  I used to give gifts on New years instead of Christmas.  As I'm getting older I don't really give a damn any more.  Does this make me callous? insensitive? uncaring? I'm not quite sure.  But to be angry at the stupidity of the actual holiday, where even if you believe in a god why do we need a Santa? seems slightly exhausting.  Lets just say I'm old, eh?

Well I do believe that's enough randomness for one week.  I do have a blog in the works about my feelings on what poor junior high kids have to deal with, as well as suicide.  Hope to have it done by next week.  Until then, happy blogging and reading!

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