Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My First Political Post! (Sort Of)

What is the most beautiful part of America?

We could say its economy. We are number 1! But I don't know if that is beautiful...

We could say our investments into science, technology, the whole lot. But that doesn't work. In our public educational system, we actually have science standards lower than most "Western" Countries. America doesn't seem to want to educate on science quite as much. Source:

So, no, I wouldn't go with any of those. Instead I will go with our diversity. Guys, do you realize that for the FIRST time, we have elected our first lgbt representitives including a bisexual, non-theist woman? A gay man of color? A Buddhist and a couple of Hindu people? America really is growing!!!!  And if you guys want a nice pic...

 Who thought America would start putting these people in congress? And who would think a drain would make a perfect eye? P.S. Tif, if you still read these, you should make this my new picture. I'm kind of obsessed.

Guys, I don't understand why people are intolerant. And I hate that people have to be put under that scrutiny. I don't know. I'm just glad that I don't have to go through that (mostly). The worst I have to put up with is my grandmother announcing to the family that she doesn't like me. (Same grandmother who previously announced her dislike for my mother.) Find people out there who are understanding, who like you for you. Obviously, there are MANY people out there who LOVE the LGBT community. (Again, look at the voting status of our last election). I've gone through people at BYU who know I'm gay, know a little about my views on the church, and still hang out with me. *Evil Kim! This is a shout out to you!* (And her name is Evil Kim because my best friend's name is Kim and Evil Kim was the first nickname that came along). Guys, press forward. Find people. And most of all, enjoy life. You deserve to.


  1. What a nice, uplifting post. Thanks!

    And that photograph is amazing!

  2. I do still read...ocassionally. Especially if I happen to see my name :)
    I tried to put the picture up...but think I failed. That picture is wacky. I see the obsession.

  3. That was a nice reminder to seek out what we deserve. Which to me is love, respect, kindness and a few others.

    @TA so we all need to say TIF in posts, I see ;)
    Since that's easy for me ;) although the F thing could get complicated. ;)

    1. Yes, I'll admit I get confused seeing my name in your posts sometimes, but then I remember. You do get my attention though!

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