Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the average day

I'm tired.

No really.  Beyond tired.

Fatigued all the way to my very bones.

The average day...

Wake up at 6 am.

Send Tiff to shower while I pretend I'm still sleeping.

Tiff gets out..

I get in.

7am kids alarm goes off.

This means nothing about actually getting them up.  Just makes it loud.

Start cajoling three kids out of bed.

One kid gets herself dressed but comes in for opinions.

Kid 2 wants me to hold out clothing options and help her decide.

Kid 3 wants options and needs help getting dressed.

7:30 2/3 kids dressed the last kid is somewhere inbetween.  2 kids starting breakfast.

7:45 Getting 3rd kid to table starting spelling homework with kid 2 who of course didn't have time to get it done last night

7:55 reminding 3 kids to go to the bathroom

Somewhere in there I have done all 3 sets of hair do's

Brush at least one set of teeth if not all 3, and try to remember my own

8:00-8:15 gets shoes, coats, backpacks say goodbye go to work, Tiff takes 3 kids to school

work. all day.

get off work.

pick kids up.

start the argument over homework. Do 3 different homework assignments.  spelling, writing, reading, math...sometimes science.  Then we have multiplication flash cards to do.

dinner needs to be made, cleaned up.

arguments over whats for dinner, yes you do have to eat it.

oh, shower time for kids.... that was in there somewhere

violin practicing

piano practicing

help kids brush hair and teeth.

bed time stories

somedays we have therapy for kid 3, and rock climbing thrown in

oh yeah, someone gets to feed the pets twice a day too.

then there's the laundry.

I think I cleaned the bathroom last week sometime.... ;)

empty the dishwasher, start the dishwasher.

8:30 pm round up kids and convince them they do want to go to sleep.

8:30-8:45 lights out.

8:45-9:00 try to have an adult conversation with Tiff

9:00-9:30 continue reminding kid 1 that she does need to sleep and stop reading in her bed.

9:30 check on all kids make sure they have their covers on.

10:00 fall into bed with a big sigh.........

Yup.  I'm pretty average.  The straight folks don't have a thing on me. ;)

Did I mention I'm tired?


  1. *The Straight folks don't have anything on me* hahahahahahahaha

  2. Snaps for you! That's an intense schedule that takes a miracle to pull off.

    And yes, I laughed upon reading "the straight folks don't have a thing on me." Perfect line.

  3. DON'T TELL KID 1 TO STOP READING IN BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I about had a panic attack there. I'm sure sleep is good, and of course you know more about parenting that I ever will, but it makes my heart so sad when children have to put a book down for something as silly as sleeping... Read on, kid 1! Don't ever stop reading!

    You should be tired. That's a lot of work!

  4. Lol. Yes I'm tired of being told my family is somehow different. I'm quite certain we do all the same things as all my hetero friends :)
    TA I agree reading is fantastic and it is a very big part of our family routine, library once a week, creating stories, writing journals etc. Yet nothing brings the house down as fast as a super tired kid. So bed time it is...
    BTW, they all have flashlights, I know these are used for, ahem, reading in bed after lights out. ;) that is an important part of childhood too! Reading a book under the covers by flashlight. Or, maybe that was just special to me so I'm sharing it with my kids. :)