Thursday, November 1, 2012

Peace Out

Hey all, I know you're still grieving over losing our last few really great bloggers, but it's my turn to say "see you later."

I'm not really going anywhere, because, well--I run this blog. But I need to take a break from contributing every week (mostly because I haven't been contributing every week, as you may have noticed). Basically, I'm firing myself for not doing my job as a blogger.

I'll be behind the scenes and popping in every once in a while to announce contests and prize give-aways and events you should go to or things I think you should support.

Thanks for following and reading and commenting and sharing.

I hope this blog is helpful to others in creating a safe place to spew as it has been for me. I've grown a lot just by sharing my thoughts here. Now it's time to let someone else have a chance at it.

Peace out!

~live your own truth~

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